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4 Types of Vacations and Their Benefits

Life can get pretty crazy sometimes. People of all ages need a break every once in a while, whether it means a respite from school, raising kids, working 9-5, running a business, or being a retiree. The importance of going on vacation every once in a while cannot be understated. Your energy and motivation can run out quickly if you never have something to look forward to during the monotony you may experience amid the everyday.

The vacation industry is a thriving sector because everybody needs to get away sometime. Some avid travelers explore new locations multiple times a year. Others can only afford to go on vacation once every few years. Whichever category you fall under, coming up with ideas for the ideal vacation can be difficult. With so many places to go and attractions to check out across the world, how can you choose which experience to pursue?

This article is here to help. There are endless types of vacations that you could enjoy, and they suit various personalities from nature lovers to history buffs to thrill seekers to fans of different cultures. Here are a few experiences and their benefits that you could look for on your next vacation. 


Camping can be a great experience for anyone, and there are multiple levels to it. You can rent an RV and head to a beautiful state park or national park that allows you to stay overnight at a camping site. You could also rely on tents to sleep in and park your car at a campground with a fireplace and picnic bench for your use. If you want to be intense, you can go backpacking and carry all of your gear with you, finding an ideal spot in the wilderness and setting up camp. Camping is a great way to get in touch with nature and is also a relatively inexpensive way to vacation. Sure, you might not be sleeping on a comfortable queen-sized mattress in the perfect temperature room, but you can fall asleep to the sounds of nature and cook food over the fire for a truly authentic experience. There are many things to consider before you go camping, such as the gear you will need, where you will go, what food to pack, and how to shelter from the elements properly. 


The travel industry has seen a massive boost ever since Airbnb became a household name. This service allows property owners to rent out their investments, often to travelers, to provide settings that are often far more comfortable than a hotel or other mainstream accommodation. Airbnbs are particularly useful for those traveling to population centers like cities or large towns. If you want to travel to London, Paris, Tokyo, or New York City, it might be a better experience to find an Airbnb location to enjoy your vacation. Popular tourist destinations that are close to many nearby attractions are massive hubs for property owners that enjoy maintaining a space for travelers to stay in. Rather than staying in a hotel on your next vacation, try a more intimate setting with an Airbnb.

Road Trip

Road-tripping has become a very popular form of travel in the last decade. The concept of heading out across the country in one vehicle with the whole family or a group of friends makes for a truly memorable experience. Part of the fun is planning the trip itself and determining what route you will take to maximize the vacation. You can see a ton of sights in one trip while leaving room for improvisation when something catches your eye as you drive. 

A few helpful tips before you set out on a road trip. Make sure your insurance is up to date and the vehicle is inspected. The last thing you want is the vehicle to fail hundreds or thousands of miles from home. Also, trade drivers if possible. Driving long distances can be tiring, and you want the person operating the vehicle to be fully alert to avoid accidents. No one wants to get in a collision where injuries and severe financial ramifications are possible, (though you should consider contacting a car accident attorney should this scenario occur). 

Luxury Resort

Maybe you are not looking for a camping trip where you have to cook all your food over a fire, or a road trip across the country. Perhaps you just want to relax and experience the simple pleasures of life. Maybe you need to stay at a luxury resort and just relax for a week. While this will be the most expensive type of vacation you could take, it might also be just what you need to feel rested and re-energized. There are plenty of luxury resorts that you can find all over the world to suit your fancy. Beaches, wine country, mountain resorts for skiing, tropical rainforest locations, and the blue waters of Greece are just a few vacation spots where you could find luxury resorts to enjoy. 

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