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Everything You Need To Know About Iron Man

Iron man is someone who is very common and trending among almost all kids today and also the previous generations. It’s a superhero film based on the marvel characters. One of the American comic books published by marvel comics. He is a fictional character who appeared in three movies and has his own place in the cinema superhero industry. Iron man has quite a unique blend of powers, through his armour suit filled with powers. If you want to name the powers, he is super-strong, can handle numerous weapons, can climb as high as possible, and the list goes on.

As we came to know the powers of Ironman, here is something you would like to know. From where did the iron man get all the powers? Has this question popped into most of our minds? Great, you are in the flow. Here is your answer. He gets all his power from the armour that he is carrying around in his body. A few of his technologies were invented by Tony, a genius engineer of a technology company. The suit has unique features, which were invented during the time Tony was kidnapped. The motive was to save his life and at the same time, help him escape. He has been built with even more powers where he will be durable, have greater healing powers, and the power list goes on and on.

As you have come to know about his pros and the positive sides of him, here are a few fun facts you will admire by knowing them. He is one of the closest friends with Captain America. He graduated from one of the top universities, MIT and had a list of degrees in hand, when he was just 21 years old. A few special suits were invented which are used for environments like space and the sea. Another secret you need to know about Ironman is that he has shrapnel near his heart, which has been recharged every single day while he steps out. If he misses charging, he will be prone to death. The magnetic chest helps in keeping the shrapnel away from being killed.

Here is the list of Iron Man enemies, who are trying hard to stop the functioning of Iron man, and trying to make him die. Here are a few people you need to know:

  1. Justin Hammer – A business man and also a strategist who is trying hard to get the Tony Stark empire.
  2. Crimson Dynamo – The Russian agent, who tries to steal or take away the power suit of Ironman.
  3. Iron Monger – He is one who wears armour like Ironman.
  4. Mandarin – He has superhuman strength and abilities, with about 10 rings of armour.

These lists will make you aware of how strong Ironman is, and how hard he is trying to safeguard himself. There are even people other than the above, who are Ghost, Doctor Doom, Firepower, and many others.

You might have wondered about the abilities and superpowers of Ironman. For sure, this will be a super story for you to convey to your kids. You can tell them some of the positivity and things that they can take for better behaviour.

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