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How To Choose A Stock Market Affiliate Program

While there are many innovative assets and complex derivatives on the market, stock trading remains very popular. There are many brokers who allow you to trade stocks, and all of them want to attract as many users as possible. That’s why they launch affiliate programs to motivate traders: you convince a trader to join, and the broker gives you a reward or a small share of the newcomer’s commissions. In this article, we analyze how these programs work, explain how to choose one, and give you a couple of trusted options to start with.

How affiliate programs work

When you sign up for a certain program, your broker gives you a special referral link that you can use to attract traders. Once a trader uses your link to register and starts trading, you receive your reward, and it can be pretty high. But the greatest thing about such programs is that you can make them your own source of passive income: you will keep receiving money as long as your referrals actively trade on the platform. The exact mechanism of attracting new users may differ: you can receive a coupon or a code instead of a link. However, the basics stay pretty much the same.

However, each broker has its own conditions for such programs, and you should definitely check them out before signing up. For example, some brokers offer rewards for passing the verification process or reaching a certain trading volume. To help you make a decision, we’ve made a list of reliable and easy stock market affiliate program options from reputable brokers.


One of the most popular brokers in the world, eToro is especially favored by novice traders for its copy trading features and a profitable affiliate program. There are several tiers of affiliates, so you can earn up to 25% in commissions for direct referrals and 10% for every referral attracted by them. The broker has a very friendly customer support service, so you can ask them any questions about the program.


Another extremely popular broker, RoboForex has a very interesting affiliate program with pretty high rewards. You don’t need any prior trading knowledge: just sign up and start spreading links.


Founded in 2013, Degiro is a reputable broker that offers fixed rewards: about €25 for each lead. You don’t even have to wait until your referrals sign up or deposit some money: you get your rewards just for every trader visiting the website.

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