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What Healthcare Services Need Medical Exam Chairs?

Healthcare facilities that provide exam services should provide exam chairs. The type of chair your healthcare service chooses may help create a better patient experience. Here is what you should know about medical exam chairs:

Types of Healthcare Services

The type of healthcare you provide can determine the type of medical exam chair you should choose. Gynecologists use a certain type of exam chair because of the patient’s position during a routine exam. Other healthcare services may choose to use an exam table instead of a chair. You can use your healthcare specialty to choose the right type of chair for your practice.

Types of Medical Exam Chairs

Depending on your practice, the exam chair you choose may look different than another. Here are a few different types of exam chairs:

Procedure Chair

This type of chair can be adjusted by height and has a programmable memory for different positions. The headrest system is supine for your patient’s comfort. This chair can hold a 550 lb weight capacity. For those who use paper rolls for sanitary purposes, an 18-inch roll can be accommodated. These chairs are FDA approved for safety. A procedure chair is made to provide support to patients who may be undergoing a variety of different medical procedures.

Exam Table or Chair

These types of chairs can be moved to become a table if needed. This chair has a weight capacity of around 500 lbs, a heated drawer, a footrest extender, and more. Exam chairs like this can be used in your daily exam routines. You can turn it into a table for easier access to a patient’s issue or keep it as a chair. Primary care specialists may opt to use these exam chairs to offer comfortable positions while doing routine examinations.

Podiatry Chair

Podiatry chairs are made with the podiatrist in mind. A podiatrist mainly deals with patients who have issues regarding their feet and ankles. This type of chair allows the healthcare professional to easily access these areas without causing discomfort to their patients. A podiatry chair comes with touch controls and sealed foot controls. These chairs offer support to podiatrists by holding a foot or feet during procedures. Patients can remain comfortable during these procedures as the chair is made of soft material. A debris tray can be found on these chairs for easy cleanup after a foot or ankle procedure.

Imaging Table or Chair

An imaging table can be used for those who specialize in female health. These tables are made to easily and comfortably access ultrasounds. The stirrups can be adjusted to the right height and width or can be stored away easily. Healthcare professionals who offer OB-GYN exams, abdominal and superficial structures exams, musculoskeletal exams, vascular exams, and biopsies can benefit from this type of medical exam table.

Drop Arm Convalescent Recliner

This medical exam chair offers a one-touch release of the arms, a padded push handle, three-position locks, and more. These recliners can come with a table attached as well. Drop-arm convalescent recliners can be used by those in long-term healthcare specialties. The locks and drop arms are made to create comfort for these long-term patients.

Healthcare Services and Exam Chairs

These are just a few different kinds of the various types of medical exam chairs for you to choose from. When choosing the chairs for your particular practice, there are a few different things to keep in mind. Think of first your specialty and second your patient. Choose the chair that will allow your patient to feel the most comfortable during their exam. You may also want to consider the weight and height of your patients. It is also key to choose a chair that will allow you to perform exams in the most efficient way.

Whether you are a primary care physician, specialty care, emergency care, urgent care, long-term care, hospice care, mental care, or another type of physician, the chair you choose may make a difference. Each facility will offer different types of care and may need more than one type of medical exam chair. If you are unsure of which chair to choose, find a medical equipment provider. They can assist you in choosing the best equipment for you and your patients.

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